About Path Tehama County

Our History...

PATH is a local non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 by Allene Dering. PATH came into fruition when Allene joined a prayer group at one of the local churches in Red Bluff. The theme of the prayer group was intended to focus on the mission of the church, as well as inspire individual missions of those attending the group.

One Sunday morning service, several weeks later, Pastor Tim Soule announced that a meeting was being held right after the service to explore the possibilities of what could be done for the homeless of Tehama County. That was the very moment that Allene heard what she describes as the “call”. Allene decided to attend the meeting, and has been the leader since. Allene, along with the others at the meeting, could not accept that in the winter months there was no safe place for the homeless to go in Red Bluff. After several months, and with the support of a very generous attorney, the non-profit organization named PATH was conceptualized with an initial mission of providing shelter to the homeless.

There were three pastors in the original group: Tim Soule, Wallace Anderson, and Susan Plucker. Though they did not take leadership roles, they were a very strong spiritual support. It was decided to go to the local churches and ask to use their facilities. PATH would provide all the equipment and staff. They would also provide meals. Several churches agreed, and PATH was on its way to being what it is today.

Things to know about PATH...

PATH was formed from a grass roots group called "The Homeless Coalition" and became a non-profit organization in 2000.

PATH has a twelve member board of directors. Members represent persons from the faith community, business community, local government and the target group.

PATH operates the only winter emergency homeless shelter in Red Bluff. The PATH Shelter is open November 1st through April 30th each year, and rotates through local churches. Dinner is also provided to homeless individuals that stay for the night. For more information, please visit our Winter Shelter page here.

PATH operates the PATH Sale House, a transitional living home for homeless women and their children. This is a two year program designed to help women become self-sufficient and secure permanent housing. For more information, please visit our Sale House page here.

PATH operates Pathways and the Mid-Century, transitional living programs for homeless men. This is a two year program designed to address the needs and guide homeless men who are striving to become self-sufficient. For more information, please visit our Pathways & Mid-Century page here