PATH Shelter Cookbook

The Shelter Cookbook and Stories of the People is a book compiled of stories and poems written by Pam Klein, Event Coordinator for PATH. The stories come from interviews with some of the people from the Winter Shelter or people who had once been in the shelter and have moved into PATH'S transitional living programs.

After writing some of the stories, Klein says she was inspired to write a poem for some of the people.

The recipe's used in this book were from some of the cooks that have prepared meals for the shelter or from individuals that have made special disihes for PATH's fund raisers. There are even recipe's that are designed for large portion servings.

If you are interested in one of these cookbooks, you can e-mail Pam Klein at and she will provide you with information on how to obtain a copy. The suggested donation is $10 with all proceeds going to PATH.